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The Faculty  prides itself on being a multi-racial and culturally diverse environment for learning. Our programmes are strengthened by our partnership with the Department of Basic Education, as well as other departments and faculties within the College

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Early Childhood Development NQF L4

Diploma | Early Childhood Development


  • Prepare resources and set up the environment to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children
  • Work with families and communities to support Early Childhood Development
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the development of babies, toddlers and young children
  • Facilitate the holistic development of babies, toddlers and young children
  • Observe and report on child development
  • Prepare Early Childhood Development programmes with support
  • Provide care for babies, toddlers and young children
  • Design activities to support the development of babies, toddlers and young children
  • Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication
  • Interpret and use information from texts
  • Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
  • Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts
  • Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems
  • Engage in sustained oral/signed communication and evaluate spoken/signed texts
  • Read/view, analyse and respond to a variety of texts
  • Represent analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts
  • Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
  • Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues




  • Design activities to support development.
  • Mediate active learning.
  • Conduct assessment.
  • Promote healthy development.
  • Literacy & communication skills.
  • Facilitate a programme of learning.
  • Diversity & special needs in ECD.
  • Organise & manage the learning programme.
  • Life skills, literacy, & numeracy learning programmes.
  • Final integrated summative assessment.

Educare - Primary Teaching | N4 - N6


  • Educare Didactics (Suitable Work-based Experience)
  • Child Health
  • Education
  • Daycare Personnel Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Educational Psychology
  • Daycare Communication
  • Day Care Management

About College on Hills

College on Hills seeks to nurture the inquiring mind and to integrate intellectual, social, and personal growth.


The College strives to develop students’ skills of critical thinking, verbal communication, and quantitative reasoning and their capacity for creative endeavor; it encourages students to examine the traditions of their own culture and those of others; to develop systems of values that include an understanding of personal, social, and professional responsibility; and to regard education as an indispensable, lifelong process.

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