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Information Technology

The Qualification has been structured in such a way as to allow students to choose from an elective in one of three possible areas within the IT industry. The curriculum has been designed with specific outcomes in mind and is aimed at developing both generic and specific vocational skills required within each elective.


National Certificate | Diploma

With or Without Matric

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Information Technology: End User Computing NQF L3

FET Certificate: Systems Development | SAQA ID. 78965



  • Using ICT in the Organisation
  • Word Processing
  • Communication
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Using a Web Browser
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Access


  • Communication for Business
  • Advanced Calculations 101
  • Computer Hardware and Networks
  • Introduction to Systems Development and Programming
  • Information Systems
  • Systems Design and Development (C#)
  • Customer Service in a Programming World

N. Certificate: IT System Development | SAQA ID 48872


  • Personal Development
  • Database Design.
  • Implementation and Development Volume 1
  • Computer Programming, Development and Problem Solving Volume 1
  • Database Design, Implementation and Development Volume 2
  • Gathering Techniques for Computer Systems Development
  • Computer Programming, Development and Problem Solving Volume 2
  • Programming and the World Wide Webs


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